This blog reblogs art of homestuck kids in trickster mode. Both canon and fanon designs are included.

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Anonymous asked
Hey Gamzee. which is your favorite faygo?

I cAn’T cHoOsE. hOwEvEr, I uSe GrApE fAyGo FoR mY hAiR sOmEtImEs. HoNk :o)

Anonymous asked
What do you consume for sustenance?

TEB: candy, candy and LOTS OF CANDY!!!!!

TGG: and all types of sweets!!!!!

TTT: Including the ones we are made out of.

TTA: 2ometiime2 le22er viiru2e2, data and wiire2

TTC: eVeRyThInG rEaLlY.

TCT: D—> Only you eat everything, sweetb100d