This blog reblogs art of homestuck kids in trickster mode. Both canon and fanon designs are included.

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In general, tricksters are very playful, happy, and very unstable hive minded bugs in the game. However, they can be quite evil.

Trickster John is playful, eccentric and several screws loose. He’s like John but forever hyper.

Trickster Rose loves to play tricks on others and tends to find a lot of things funny. She’s like if Rose was never depressed and in a major sugar rush.

Trickster Dave do things not ironically but rather idiotically. Hey, it’s cool to be idiotic. Oh, and he can be quite a flirt.

Trickster Jade is like a kid having Christmas Day every day. However, her plans are more than just mischievous.

Trickster Aradia is as edible as everyone else around here. Although she wouldn’t like if you ate all of her at once.

Trickster Tavros loves to play all day will the other cute viruses and bugs caught in the game. He’s still not that confidant in himself though to create more errors.

Trickster Sollux has severe mood swings that can be fixed with a little candy. His second favorite thing is eating candy. His first is creating computer viruses of course.

Trickster Karkat is never in a foul mood. Regardless, you can’t say the same about his language.

Trickster Nepeta has a thing for candy shaped like little kittens and she is the first to nose dive into a bucket of candy.

Trickster Kanaya is elegant in her virus creations or rather, that what she thinks. Her favorite candy is liquid candy which is the blood of all trickster beings.

Trickster Terezi is the first to give surprise licks to the crew and all error and virus propositions have to go through her.

Trickster Vriska on the other hand likes to eat her friends to a point that it doesn’t seem that fun to the others anymore. They get tired of finding replacement candy.

Trickster Equius sweat drops are also candy. He also has a preference to candy shaped horses.

Trickster Gamzee is dangerously unstable and the others are afraid of him a bit. They are afraid whether he would snap and eat everyone one day. Till then, everyone loves his company though.

Trickster Eridan is kinda lucky for being made out of candy with unique tastes. He still feels out of the loop sometimes but everyone still play around with him.

Trickster Feferi is sweet and fun loving although quite dangerous. John isn’t always a fan when Feferi dresses in her Betty Crocker clothing.